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Keris Kamardikan with Dapur Parungsari and Sineba Combined

A true masterpiece by empu Agus Pribadi of besalen Pasir Bersinar in Malang, East Java, Indonesia. In the contemporary keris scene, the besalen Pasir Bersinar in Malang is perhaps one of the most popular workshops for modern kerises in Indonesia today. With this keris kamardikan, the besalen Pasir Bersinar has proven its exalted reputation once again. The highly skilled empu Agus Pribadi is a master in his own right, who has received international recognition for his state of the art kerises.

Keris Kamardhikan Parungsari Sineba

Empu Agus Pribadi has managed to skillfully combine two different dapur models, namely Parungsari and Sineba (Jv. sinébå). The blade features 13 luks without any pamor pattern on it, i.e. pamor Kêlêng. Though it has pamor motif, yet the blade is attributed with extensive ricikan. Its gandik is given a lambe gajah and a jalu memet. On top of that there is a kembang kacang and a jenggot gajah. Next, on rondo nunut part of the wadidang it has a tingil, whereas the greneng part has ron dho, punukan, and a buntut cecak. Also, the at the base of the blade there is a deep pejetan, a tikel alis, as well as a sogokan depan and belakang.

Keris Kamardhikan Parungsari Sineba

The dapur Sineba gained in popularity during the reign of Sultan Pakubuwono IX (1861–1893 CE) of Surakarta in Central Java, Indonesia. In former times, however, the empus of the keraton were often restricted in their work by the conventional dapur designs, leaving little to no room for personal creativity and technical innovation. Yet in more recent times, a true revival of old kerises has taken place in Indonesia. This has lead to a series of reproductions being made by modern day empus whose duplications of old dapur models are called ‘putrani’.

Keris Parungsari Sineba

But what is so unique about these contemporary keris kamardikan, is the very fact that now the empus are no longer held back by the conventional rules of the keraton, and thus they can freely express their artistic creativity in their talented works of art. In this case, the result is an astonishing keris kamardikan with a combination of two different dapur models, making the keris kamardikan Parungsari Sineba a genuine masterpiece of the highest standard.

Keris Kamardhikan Parungsari Sineba with Pamor Keleng

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