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Royal Surakarta Pusaka Oil made from 1000 Kinds of Flowers

Traditional pusaka oil from the royal palace (‘keraton’) of the Sultan of Surakarta. Each bottle contains 100% natural oil extracted from thousand kinds of fragrant flowers. It is a most useful kind of oil for regularly cleaning the blades of your pusaka items with. Its rich fragrance offers true refreshment to your valuable tosan aji blades. The excellent quality of this traditional pusaka oil helps to keep you kerises, tombak spears and pedang swords in good condition.

The bottle is sealed with plastic, thereby providing the official guarantee of authenticity of this pusaka oil. Royal servants of the keraton in Surakarta use this particular kind of oil exclusively for ritual offerings and ceremonies.

However, due to its efficacy as a pusaka oil, keris collectors from all over the world have adopted the traditions from the keraton Surakarta. Though the public demand for this type of oil has grown significantly throughout the years, yet the production and supply remains low. Hence, this is a unique chance to obtain a bottle of this popular, but relatively rare pusaka oil.


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