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Ganggeng Kanyut

Sundang Moro

The Sundang Moro is traditional sword from the Sulu Archipelago in the south-west Philippines. It is suggested, that the historical origins of the sundang lie in the fifteenth century, in the time when the southern Philippines were incorporated into the Majapahit empire.

 Sundang Moro Ganggeng Kanyut
It is therefore not surprising that this type of pedang (‘sword’) looks very similar to the Javanese keris indeed; though the blade of the sundang is much longer (55 cm) than that of a keris. Like the keris, the blade of the Sundang Moro is also made from iron and steel, and features a pamor pattern; in this case, pamor Ganggeng Kanyut.
 Sundang Moro with Pamor Ganggeng Kanyut
The pamor Ganggeng Kanyut is a slanted pamor motif, known as ‘pamor miring’. This means that it is an extremely sophisticated pamor pattern for the empu to forge. It requires a great level of skills to produce the pamor Ganggeng Kanyut, for this particular pattern features both pamor ‘miring’ and pamor ‘mlumah’ motifs. The  pamor Ganggeng Kanyut represents drifting algae in running water (Javanese/Indonesian: ganggeng: algae; Javanese: kanyut [Indonesian: hanyut]: to float, to drift).
 Sundang Moro sword from the southwestern Philippines
It is said, that the pamor Ganggang Kanyut contains certain esoteric powers (Javanese: angsar) that will bring its owner success in one’s social relationships. It is further believed, that the mystical powers of this type of pamor can also manifest in the form of a sudden surplus of wealth and fortune. Moreover, since this is not a ‘chosen’ pamor, it thus means that the Sundang Moro Ganggeng Kanyut can be owned by any person.
Dapur Sundang Moro Pamor Ganggeng Kanyut


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