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National Pusaka Exhibition 2013

The National Pusaka Exhibition of 2013 was held on 5–7 April in Trenggalek, East-Java, Indonesia. Many keris collectors from all over Indonesia have been looking forward for a long time for this event to take place. A large number of visitors traveled all the way to Trenggalek to witness the official opening ceremony. Among them there was the Governor of East-Java and many royal court servants from the keraton in Yogyakarta en Solo.

Pameran Pusaka 2013

 Royal court servants of the keratonWhen the crowd gathered at the district pavilion of Trenggalek, there followed a ceremonial procession accompanied by traditional Javanese court dancers, who lead the people to the Bhawarasa building. After the people had arrived there, the National Pusaka Exhibition 2013 was officially opened.

Traditional Javanese court dancers

Ceremonial procession performed by traditional Javanese court dancersAfter an informative speech was given by various seniors in the keris world of Indonesia, the exhibition room was then officially opened for the public. With pride the ‘Keris Kanjeng Kyahi Gajah Putih’ was introduced and put on display in the exhibition room.

Official opening of National Pusaka Exhibition 2013 Launch of the Keris Kanjeng Kyahi Gajah PutihThis extraordinary event was, of course, not missed out by the media. A filming crew was present during the entire event, recording many exclusive footages. And on 10 April at 11:00 AM, these recordings were shown on the local television channel HK TV.

Pameran Pusaka 2013