Magical Handkerchief with Islamic Spells

A magical handkerchief made and blessed by Islamic mystics from Banten Province in West-Java, Indonesia. The red cloth features powerful Islamic spells for protection against all sorts of danger, such as nature disasters and physical attacks. The Islamic spells serve as a powerful shield to ward off evil persons and malevolent creatures, including spirit beings. In this way, then, the cloth has highly effective qualities against black magic, and evasion of danger, too. Thus, when wearing this magical Islamic cloth one will be safe from harm. Moreover, when keeping the cloth in one’s home, shop, office, etc., its magical powers will guard over the owner’s possessions, goods, and personal belongings. It will keep thieves far away from the place where one has kept the cloth, and it will also protect the house/shop/office against damage resulting from environmental causes, such as fire, floods, hurricanes, etc.

Additional benefits of wearing this sacred cloth will cause one’s deeds to be noticed by one’s seniors, who will therefore praise your efforts. This, of course, will improve your credibility and enhance your social status. Due to the increasing respect, one will thus be able to convince others by the power of one’s speech. Not only is this very useful in business and work related matters, but in fact it can also help solving legal matters (court cases, for example). 

Since the magical handkerchief features sacred Arabic incantations, this will increase its wishfulfilling potentials, i.e. one’s chances of luck will increase significantly. And so, Indonesians will usually ask for blessings of finding a partner, or increasing wealth and riches.

The magical handkerchief with Islamic spells can be worn on a daily basis, and used at any given time. However, wearing and using this handkerchief involves certain restrictions. For instance, one should be careful not to become arrogant when the magical powers of the sacred Arabic spells have taken effect. It is important to always stay humble and to keep a modest attitude towards life in general. Avoid doing unskillful deeds which lead to unwholesome results; though this goes for all of us in our daily lifes, yet it should be kept in mind that the consequences of one’s good and bad actions will be multiplied when wearing and/or using this Islamic handkerchief.

When using the magical handkerchief for practising traditional Indonesian martial arts (‘pencak silat’), or for cultivating one’s spiritual pracitice, one can chant ‘Allahu Akbar‘ three times first, and then say in your heart: “Oh, Allah, I ask You for Your blessings and to empower this handkerchief”. Next, focus your mind whilst breathing slowly. Relax both of your hands as well as your chest. After your mind has calmed down and your thoughts become clear, direct your focused attention inwards. You may then formulate your heartfelt wishes through sincere prayer. 

After you have performed your prayers, you should then recite Istigfar (‘Astagfirullah hal adzim‘) three times, each time blowing these magical incantations into your hands which are held in prayer, and then stroke your hands over your face down to your chest (as if you are performing ritual washing).


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