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Islamic Shawl with Magic Spells for Protection

Some of Indonesia’s most respected mystics are those coming from Banten. These masters are renown for their powerful skills in Islamic magic. It is, however, certainly not easy to find and approach the Islamic mystics from the area, for they are most of the time engaged in performing various intensive austerities. Moreover, on the rare occasion that they do go out and show their face in public, this will be mostly within the compounds of the local mosque.

Hence, it goes without saying, that these seclusive Muslim masters devote a great deal of their time and effort to their spiritual practice. The mysterious powers which are born naturally from extensive periods of spiritual practice, are applied by the Banten masters to consecrate various ritual tools and religious items. These mystical objects primarily serve to instill faith in the One and Only God. This, of course, brings both fellow spiritual practitioners and brothers in religion closer together and strengthens their conviction.

The black cloth features various gold colored patterns and symbols. However, when we examine the deeper meaning behind the mysterious Islamic geometric designs and the characteristic Arabic letterings which are used to empower this Muslim shawl, it soon becomes clear that the power of its magic spells should in no way be underestimated. For it contains some of the most essential principles and core teachings of the Quran.

Thus, it is believed, that wearing this sacred Muslim shawl will bring the faithful believer countless blessings of peace, love, physical health and financial wealth. Furthermore, when used for ritual prayer and meditation, one will soon begin to notice the advancement of one’s spiritual practice. The powerful magic spells will also offer protection from danger, such as attacks from malevolent spirits (‘djinn’) and black magic (‘guna-guna’).

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