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Thai Amulet

Mysterious ‘Rae Lek Lai’ Stone Inhabited by a Khodam Spirit

Rae lek lai is a adamantine stone that can be found in caves in Southeast Asia. This sacred substance is a rare mixture between meteorite and iron. Legend has it, that lek lai is a fluid substance (note: lek lai means ‘flowing metal’ in Thai), and that it is inhabited by khodam spirit. Hence, only the most adept masters in meditation are able to obtain this mysterious flowing metal material from a holy cave, for they have to subdue the inhabiting khodam spirit first before they can actually cut the sacred lek lai from the cave.

This particular rae lek lai stone is obtained by the renown Buddhist monk Luang Por Ong of Vihara Deva Singha in Ubon Rachathani, Thailand. Southeast Asian Buddhists believe that Luang Por Ong has attained supernatural powers. And it is said, that by using his miraculous power according the traditional meditation method, Luang Por Ong successfully obtained the rae lek lai stone from a holy cave he passed by during his solitary wanderings through the dense forests in Laos.

One can use the rae lek lai stone for enhancing one’s spiritual practice, i.e. asking the khodam spirit for guidance in meditation. However, its magical qualities make the stone ideal for traditional healing purposes, too. For instance, one can also make holy water with the rae lek lai stone. This can be done by immersing the magical stone in water and leave it soaking in the bowl over night whilst it is charging the water with its esoteric powers. Then, the following day, one can take and use the holy water for various purposes depending on the personal needs of the individual.

As can be seen from the picture, this rare piece of rae lek lai is wrapped in a (transparent) plastic casing with openings on the front and the back of the stone, so that when one wears it on a necklace it touches the skin of one’s body. Hereby the mystical energies of the rae lek lai are transmitted onto the human skin. In this way, then, one will continuously receive the blessings from the inhabitant khodam spirit, who will bestow blessings of good health, increased luck, and offers protection from danger.


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