Rojo Gundolo

Brojol Winongan

Brojol Winongan
$ 214.95 USD

Dapur: Brojol

Pamor: Wos Wutah – Rojo Gundolo

Ukiran: Gaṇeśa

Tangguh: Tuban Winongan (Majapahit Era)


Wos Wutah is a common seen type of pamor. Though its design is not very orderly arranged, yet it is beautifully spread out over the surface of the blade. Another name for pamor Wos Wutah is (pamor) ‘Beras Wutah‘, which means ‘sprinkled rice’. This type of pamor has potential magical powers to provide its owner with peace and happiness. Furthermore, a keris with pamor Wos Wutah is often considered an effective and powerful tool for gaining (material) wealth and enhancement of one’s personal charisma. Since Wos Wutah is classified as a non-chosen type of pamor, it is therefore suitable for everyone.

The lower part of the blade features ‘Rojo Gundolo‘, a characteristic feature of the pamor design which was created unintentionally. It is believed that Rojo Gundolo is a manifestation of a spiritual being within the keris. In this case, we can see an image of a man and woman. The man is seated behind the woman while he is holding her in his arms, which may be interpreted as a general sign of care and protection. This would then also correspond with meaning of a keris with dapur Brojol, because according to some people this type of dapur can expedite childbirth.

As to the origin of this keris, we can confirm that it is made in Winongan, a small village in the Tuban area, which, in the Majapahit era, was renown for its powerful and strong kerises.


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