Minyak Cendana (Keris Oil)


Minyak Cendana (Keris Oil)
$ 28.99 USD


Name: Minyak Cendana

Oil: Sandalwood (Santalum album)

Content: 50 ml


Authentic Cendana (Sandalwood) oil of the keraton (Royal court palace) of Surakarta (Solo). Suitable for maintenance of tosan aji (keris, tombak and other pusaka items). Comes in a sealed bottle; original quality garanteed.

Minyak Cendana can be used to neutralize negative energies which may have entered the blade of the keris, and then transform these into positive energies. Treating the blade of keris with minyak Cendana is also believed to be able to avoid disturbances of harmful spirits, and to protect the owner in dangerous situations. This may explain why minyak Cendana is the oil of choice of the Javanese.


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