Parungsari Luk 13


Parungsari Luk 13
$ 124.95 USD

Dapur: Parungsari Luk 13

Pamor: Dwiwarnå (Nunggak Semi and Dadung Muntir)

Warangka: Ukiran Madura (Sumenep)

Parungsari is a type of dapur with 13 luks, and is attributed with a lot of ricikan. In the old days, this type of dapur used to owned by the King and aristocrats. A keris with a Parungsari dapur is often mistaken for a dapur Sengkelat since these are in many ways similar to each other. The only difference being, that the dapur Parungsari features two lambe gajah, whereas the dapur Sengkelat only has one.
This keris features an unique combination of two types of pamor motifs known as ‘Dwiwarnå‘ (‘dwi’: two; ‘warnå‘: color(s). The two motifs featured in this dwiwarnå pamor are: (1) ‘pamor Nunggak Semi’; and (2) ‘pamor Dadung Muntir’. ‘Nunggak Semi‘ means ‘a seed which is fertilized and growing’; hence, a keris with this type of pamor represents the wish for prosperity so that one’s efforts will flourish as a result of the constant nourishment of one’s own karmic seeds.
Next, pamor Dadung Muntir, also called ‘Dadung Kepuntir’ or ‘Dadung Keplintir’, is in fact quite similar to pamor Sada Saler, or Adeg Siji. The main difference, however, is that the line in the pamor Dadung Muntir is not an ordinary line as in pamor Sada Saler or Adeg Siji, but resembles a a twisted rope pattern which is rather difficult to create. This ‘laid rope’ (‘dadung muntir‘) is positioned in the center of the blade, and covers the keris from the sor-soran to the tip of the blade.
It is said, that a keris with pamor Dadung Muntir has esoteric powers that can help enhance the owner’s authority, courage and persistence. Since this type of pamor is considered a pamor rekan – a pamor motif designed by the empu based on the owner’s needs – it is therefore not suitable for just everyone considering a person’s character and spiritual development.


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