Tilam Upih Bendo Segodo

Tilam Upih Bendo Segodo
$ 2 599.99 USD

Tangguh: Madura (16th Century)

DapurTilam Upih

PamorBendo Segodo

Ukiran: Yogyakarta

WarangkaGayaman YogyaFragrant Cendana Wood

Length: 36.4 cm

Weight: 250 gr.


This keris is conjured for spiritual practitioners. The esoteric content of this keris contains a spirit (‘khodam‘) who shall guide and protect the owner. If the owner is a practitioner of magic, then he or she will find this keris very useful for carrying out specific occult rituals or prayers. Yet to a true spiritual practitioner who is not concerned with magic there is perhaps something even more remarkable about this keris, since it is further believed that this keris can stimulate the development of one’s wisdom through spiritual awareness and attunement to the Divine Will.

The pamor design ‘Bendo Segodo‘ features round circles from the bottom to the top. The magical force behind this particular pamor design can bring the owner luck and fortune, as well as bestowing peace upon his or her family. In order to allow the life within one’s family to be peaceful and harmonious, it is important to live a straight (hence ‘lurus‘ instead of ‘luk‘) and honest life. Hence, the dapur of this keris is ‘Tilam Upih‘, which can be translated as ‘white (bed)sheet(s)’.

Note: comes with Certificate of Authenticity.

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