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Coming Soon: The First Online Keris Magazine Ever

Keris Indonesia is pleased to announce the coming of the first online keris magazine ever. Recently, Indonesia’s leading keris magazine, ‘Majalah Keris’, announced that the upcoming issue most likely not will not see the daylight due to a lack of funds. This news came as a serious shock to the Indonesian keris scene. Though in January 2013, Mas Rodin (owner of Keris Indonesia) proposed to build a website for Majalah Keris, yet the board kindly declined his offer, because at the time they did not see any reason to implement any innovative ideas. Rather than focusing on a larger (international) public, they preferred to continue selling Majalah Keris as a printed magazine which is available in Indonesia only.

Now, several months later, the sudden downfall of Majalah Keris nonetheless comes as a shock to many who are actively involved in the keris scene. Thus, the man behind a former keris magazine ‘Pamor’, Mr. Toni Junus, decided to start a collaboration with Mas Rodin of Keris Indonesia. Together they will start working on a new keris magazine, which will be the first eZine about kerises ever. Through online distribution, they hope to reach a larger reading group. And in order to attract interest of foreign readers the online magazine will be published as a bilingual e-zine, which will be made available in both the Indonesian and English language. In this way, then, the new online magazine strives to promote the Indonesian keris as a world heritage of intangible culture.

The eZine will cover academic, socio-cultural, and mystical topics. In addition, each issue will include an interview with an important character in the keris scene. The video recordings of these interviews will be provided with English subtitles, and uploaded to YouTube. The eZine itself shall be published on a monthly basis, covering approximately 12 articles per issue. The first issue is scheduled for release in late October 2013. If you pre-order your copy now you will receive 10% discount on your purchase of the first issue. This means, that instead of $4.99, you now only pay $4.49! To claim your discount, please provide us with your personal details (full name and email address) via email. Please add ‘Pre-order eZine’ as the email subject header, and send your message to