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Old Keris Patrem Brojol with Pamor Nyanak and Traditional Warangka Sheath Hand Carved from Timoho Wood

The blade of this old keris patrem Brojol features a remarkably smooth surface which has a very soft gray tone to it. The blade also shows a subtle pamor pattern, namely the Nyanak (or ‘Sanak’) motif. This pamor pattern is created using mainly the same metal materials as those which were used to forge the iron blade. Hence, the light contrast between the blade and its pamor motif.

Old Talismanic Keris Patrem Brojol

This antique talismanic keris attributed with a beautifully hand carved warangka (scabbard) and hulu (hilt) from high-quality Timåhå wood. The Javanese consider Timåhå to be a sacred type of wood, which has very strong and effective powers of magic. Needless to say, the wood from the Timåhå tree is without a doubt the best choice for the sheath and hilt of this mystical keris patrem.

Old Talismanic Keris Patrem Brojol with Pamor Nyanak

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