Keris Mahakarya Nusantara


Keris Mahakarya Nusantara
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Title: Keris Mahakarya Nusantara (‘Keris, the Masterpiece of Nusantara’)

Author: Sekretariat Nasional Kerisan Indonesia (SNKI)

Published: Sekretariat Nasional Kerisan Indonesia (SNKI), Surakarta, April 2011

Language: Bahasa Indonesia

Pages: 353




Keris Mahakarya Nusantara‘ is a compilation of the First National Congress held in Surakarta on 19 until 21 April 2011. The book contains plenty of high quality photos of exclusive kerises. The illustrations are provided with details about the dapurricikanwarangkapendok, etc. Also, there are also many interesting articles included in this book.




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