Tombak Banyak Angrem

Tombak Banyak Angrem
$ 79.99 USD


Name: Tombak Banyak Angrem

Pamor: Ngapuk

Warangka: Sawo Wood

Tangguh: Kediri


The ‘Banyak Angrem’ is an artistic dapur tombak (a dapur of a spear). The shape of this type of tombak represents a goose incubating her egg. The asymmetric shape of the blade of this tombak is unique in the sense that most tombaks usually have a symmetric blade.

Also, due to its unusual shape, the Banyak Angrem tombak is rather unpractical if used as a weapon for combat. It thus becomes clear that this type of tombak serves the purpose of a pusaka (heirloom), and as such it stresses more importance on esoteric powers.


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